Thursday, March 30, 2017

Audience Contest

Life sure is good when you have a chance to win a fabu prize from Heart-A-Rama valued at $2.00 or more!  You read that right.... valued at two whole dollars or more...

Of course there are rules....

1.  Ticket holders only - contest is not open to cast and crew

2.  Winner will be announced at the show - so yes, you need to be there to collect your fabu prize

Here's the deal.....

Below is our show line up with a few pieces missing. The first person to email with a correct answer wins.  You must include the date you will attend the show so we can present you with your prize.  Winner will NOT be announced prior to the show.  

Provide the titles for Act I #2, and Act II #6 to win.

Act I
1.  Coffee Break
3.  What's Your Phobia
4.  Slab of Dreams
5.  The Monster Under the Bed
6.  A Baboon, A Buffoon and four Honeymoons
7.  Intermission Song TBA

Act II
1.  Opening Number TBA
2. HAR News
3.  Heart-A-Rama Loves Millennials
4.  Game Show
5.  Closing number TBA

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