Monday, October 3, 2016

2017...It's Happening!

HAR 2017 is well on it's way.  What, you thought Diane, Tom and Karen, our business team, along with the creative team of Bev and Brad have just been sitting around eating heart dogs and popcorn, and drinking beer?!  Wrong.  The five of us, along with James who happily wears his "Trainee" badge to all meetings, have been hard at work.

An amusing little comment was overheard at back of house during last year's show.  The silly speaker announced that all it takes to bring our event together are a few mentions of Mirro, a couple seagull jokes and a quick reference to Fleet Farm. Although we found the comment entertaining, we realized that many people don't know what happens behind the scenes from May -April.

So, from time to time, we'll update you on what's happening.

 Two weeks after one show closes, meetings begin for the next year and then everyone gets busy.

Here's what what we've been doing...

  • Post mortem on the 2016 show
  • Producers selected theme and designed the show
  • Directors met and determined who would write what sketches
  • In progress - script writing.  Scripts will be complete by the end of October.
  • Confirmed return of committee chairs
  • Vacant positions filled
  •         Pianist....Connie Dorner
  •         Choreographer...Katie Shaw Eichmann
  •         Advertising chair...Juliet Kasarzycki, co-chair TBD       
  •         Program design...Barb Bundy-Jost
  •         Toilet seat design...MaryAnn Knier
  •         Logo design...Stephanie Carpenter
  • Met with Erin LaBonte from SLC to discuss SLC students as set painters
  • Contacted and set meeting time with shirt logo designer
  • Set meeting with Karla, AHA rep to discuss financing for mic replacement
  • Costumes arranged in their new storage spot at LaDeDa Books & Beans
  • Completed financial records for 2016...totals announcement coming soon
  • Set production calendar for 2017
  • Updated chair contact list
  • And many more odds and ends......

So, raise your hand if you have time to spare and we can surely put you to work.  The coming months are going to be busy.

Oh, I almost forgot.  You probably want to know the theme, right? JITTERS. (Not the shirt logo...just a place holder until the logo has been designed.)  We'll be writing about things that make us nervous, paranoid, and uncomfortable.  There will be a skit about a phobia support group, and another about a young lady who fears she will never experience the boom boom wompa wompa at any time in her life.  We're also toying with something about the "older" generation fearing that millennials  will not be ready to run the world.

Remember, click  on the Cast/Crew tab at the blot top for a list of important dates.

Here's a little FYI for you:  this blog has 52 posts and 22858 views.  That's an average of 439 views per post.  People are clearly keeping an eye on what we're doing.