Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Presenting Your Enthusiastic Directing Team for HAR 2014

The scripts are done...the verdict is in...Legalize Heart-A-Rama is ready to make opening statements.  How can the show miss with this lively bunch banging the gavel.  Ellen, Lisa, Jim, Brad, Madde and one other who, for undisclosed reasons, is sheltered in the witness protection program  contemplate the seriousness of the issues they plan to present to you.

On May 1, 2, 3, 8,9 and 10 at the J.E. Hamilton Community Center in Two Rivers, you will be witness to the following matters:

The dangers of margarine abuse
The awful repercussions brought about by cow tipping hooligans
A bro-mance thwarted by a beer
A wiener gone bad
A judicious chorale
Cats - yes, cats!
Out of control plaque
Heroes, villains and kissers - oh my

Watch this space for ticket information.
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Friday, October 11, 2013

Audition Dates for HAR 2014

Legalize Heart-A-Rama


Thursday, February 6, 7:00
Sunday, February 9. 1:00

Kadow Room at the Capitol Civic Centre

Guaranteed to be an arresting show!

Crimes and judges and Kingsbury...oh my

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Revealing our Theme; Applauding New Committee Chairs

Did you know that........

  • In LaCross it is illegal to "worry a squirrel"?
  • In Milwaukee an old ordinance forbids parking over two hours unless a horse is tied to the car?
  • In Sheboygan no person may water his lawn in such a way as to annoy his or her neighbor?
  • In Sun Prairie cats are forbidden from entering cemeteries?
In our entire state....
  • The government may not prohibit manually flushed urinals
  • Whenever two trains meet at an intersection, neither shall proceed until the other has

Legalize Heart-A-Rama

Prepare yourself for the slammer...Judge Judy's on her way!

Before you leave, take a moment to check out the faces at the right.  These are the big-hearted folks that keep HAR pumping.  Our most recent staff additions are Sue Cortte, Lisa Novachek and Stacey Groll.  

Sue and Lisa, the wacky sisters-in-law, Community Ourtreach co-chairs, will work to keep HAR in the public eye throughout the year.  This could mean parades, brat fries, helping with other charity and community events.  They are an energetic duo with tons of imagination. 

Sue is also food service co-chair.  Along with Fred Schnell, she whips up pre-show delicacies for our patrons.  And there is always service with a smile.

Lisa has been seen on stage for several years, tapping her toes, singing, and delivering lines wherever she is needed.  Last year, Lisa began writing and directing as well.

Stacey has been around HAR for a long time, helping her mom out with heart-dogs, eventually taking on the co-chair role of that committee.  Every once in a while,  she can be coaxed away for the stove to step on stage.  Stacy is HAR's new Publicity chairperson,  In that capacity, she will work with the newspapers, and radio stations to keep the community informed on HAR activities.

So, with that opening statement, HAR 2014 has plead guilty to continuing its efforts to contribute to the fight against heart disease through two weekends of wordsmithery and tomfoolery.  

Court adjourned.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Whoowhoo! 2013 Totals!

We have a theme for 2014.......but first......

Tickets.  Shirts.  Beverages.  Heart dogs. Burgers, brats, fish.   Candy.  Quilts.  50/50 Raffle.    Birthdays.  Advertising.  Donations. Sweethearts.  Donation hearts.  Toilet Seats...
.... all added up to a whoppin'


$81,900 will be sent to the American  Heart Association.  $9,100 will stay in Manitowoc County for local distribution.

Thanks a million. 
Thanks two million. 
Thanks almost three million...with your generosity, we're getting close

Now, back to that theme announcement.  HAR 2014...sorry, the phone is ringing.  Gotta go. Who knows,  it could be a legal matter  Check back.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Grab Some Popcorn

There's big excitement for the Lakeshore and for our HAR friends.  The DK Company from Milwaukee is filming a short movie on bullying in the area.  Watch for the premier in September.  Many of our HAR performers auditioned and will be in the film which is scheduled to be entered in the short feature category at Sundance.

HAR participants include:

Gary Moore
Lisa Novachek
Tom Bartleme
Brad Zimmermann
Nancy Siebert
Biff Hansen
Sheila Hansen
Diane Hansen
Peg Thor
Paula Dramm
Charles Allger
Lori Krueger
Fred Schnell

And there's more exciting news....On Sept. 12 and 14, HAR will join with the Department of Continuing Education at UW-Manitowoc to present an evening of sketch comedy called "Here We Sit."   Suzanne  Lawrence, Director of Continuing Education will act as producer, and HAR will provide talent and tech support. 

 Prior to the Saturday show, food and beverages will be available on the terrace overlooking Lake Michigan.  There will also be live music.

 Jamie Potthast, Brad Zimmermann, and Bev Denor will direct.

Performers include:

Brad Zimmermann
Jim Z.
Rick Oswald
Elaine Schroeder
Gary Moore
Charles Allger
Barb Krueger
Lyndsey Otten
Kathy Palmer
Lisa Novachek
Chris Honzik
Lori Krueger
Peg Thor
Jamie Potthast
Ellen Peronto
Corrie Skubal
Jerri Burkart 

Stay tuned for more on both of these fun events.

Monday, April 22, 2013


Don't tell me you haven't gotten your Heart-A-Rama tickets yet?  What's stopping you?  People, really, these show fill up fast. 

This year you'll see

Dancing Zombies
A Singing Leprechauns
Poetic Felines
One one intensely hot Genie out of his bottle

You don't want to miss all that do you?  You don't want to miss the chance to be in the show and win fabulous prizes, do you?  You don't want to miss the opportunity to leave your stress behind and to fill your night with laughter, do you?   And...you surly don't want to miss that feel good stirring in you heart knowing that you've had a good time for a great cause.

Tickets still available at the Piggly Wiggly in Manitowoc and at Inman's Jewelers in Two Rivers. 

We're not kidding,    Drop everything and get your ticket right now.
Only $15

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Public Ticket Sale

Tickets are now on sale at
Manitowoc Piggly Wiggly
Inmans Jewelers in Two Rivers.

They're going fast.

You all know how fast tickets go, so why take chances? 

Monday, March 18
Lincoln Park Fieldhouse

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the Pig in Manitowoc or Two Rivers and purchased a Heart.  Your generosity kick started our fund-raising by over $900.00. 

We hope to see you all at the show
April 25, 26, 27 and May 2, 3 and 4

Monday, February 11, 2013

We Have a Cast!

Forty-three talented, fun loving folks have been selected to grace the HAR stage on April 25, 26, 27 and May 2, 3 and 4.  Twelve new people came to auditons.  Three people who took a year or two off and  missed us have returned. 

Auditionees:  be patient.  Directors will try to contact eveyone who was cast by the end of day on Saturday, February 16.

If you're coming to see the show (and we hope you will) here are a couple skit titles to pique your interest:

Here Kitty, Kitty
Wanna Get Lucky?
The Great American Heart Dog Contest

Friday, February 8, 2013

Snow Woe

The decision to cancel Thursday night Heart-A-Rama auditions has the bones of a fun skit.  Producers on one side of the fence, heels dug in to cancel, and the ever optimistic co-chairs on the other side of the fence, heels also firmly dug in, convinced that the snow would stop.  A flurry of phone calls, a couple good natured threats, bargaining, quivering lips...oh my. 

Then finally, the voice of reason....safety first.

The wisdom of the decision was validated when co-producer, Brad headed home on curvy Michigan Ave.  It wasn't long before he phoned his fellow producer informing her that he was stuck. 

"I'll come get you."

"No, you'll get stuck, too. Call me some police.

"They won't help.  That's not their job."

"Call me some city workers."

"They won't come.  That's not their job."


"Nope.  Look, you're about three blocks from my house.  Get out of the car.  Walk up the hill.  I'll give you my garage opener code and you can stay there until I get home and we'll figure something out from there."

"I don't like your dog.  I guess I have to get towed but I don't know who to call. Can you just call someone for me? 

"OK, but you better give me your phone number in case they want to contact you."

"I don't know it." 

"What do you mean you don't know it?"

"I don't know it.  Get off my back."

"So call me back, I'll watch caller ID and tell you what your number is."

Done.  Wrecker called? 

Thirty minutes later, Brad phoned to say he was safe at home.  Three additional vehicles had gotten stranded on Michigan Avenue along with him, but Brad opted to not call a wrecker. 

"What did you do?"

"I put the car in reverse and backed down from the crest of the hill all the way to North 23rd Street.  Then I took an alternate route home."

"What about the other cars stuck on Michigan?"

"I crossed my fingers that I woulnd't hit them.  And I didn't."

See you Sunday at 1:00 for auditions
at the Capitol Civic Centre. 

Thanks to all of you who stop by our blog from time to time.  Our hit counter tells us that about 288 of you read each post.  Pretty nice!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

2013 Auditions

Brad and Bev cordially invite you to
Heart-A-Rama 2013 Auditions

Thursday, February 7, 7:00
Sunday, February 10, 1:00
Kadow Hall at the Capitol Civic Centre

Anyone over 21 is welcome to audition.  You will read from a provided script and sing a song of your choice, acapella.  ("Happy Birthday" is a popular audition piece, but we're ready for all sorts of surprises).

Speaking of surprises, this year you will get to do a little dancing at auditions!

Please bring a list of conflicts for March and April. 

Plans are in full swing for the the 2013 production.  Sweethearts are being called.  Advertisers have been contacted.  The shirt design is done.  Scripts were completed and read by the production team in October.  All other committees are will be up and running soon. All we need is YOU.