Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Revealing our Theme; Applauding New Committee Chairs

Did you know that........

  • In LaCross it is illegal to "worry a squirrel"?
  • In Milwaukee an old ordinance forbids parking over two hours unless a horse is tied to the car?
  • In Sheboygan no person may water his lawn in such a way as to annoy his or her neighbor?
  • In Sun Prairie cats are forbidden from entering cemeteries?
In our entire state....
  • The government may not prohibit manually flushed urinals
  • Whenever two trains meet at an intersection, neither shall proceed until the other has

Legalize Heart-A-Rama

Prepare yourself for the slammer...Judge Judy's on her way!

Before you leave, take a moment to check out the faces at the right.  These are the big-hearted folks that keep HAR pumping.  Our most recent staff additions are Sue Cortte, Lisa Novachek and Stacey Groll.  

Sue and Lisa, the wacky sisters-in-law, Community Ourtreach co-chairs, will work to keep HAR in the public eye throughout the year.  This could mean parades, brat fries, helping with other charity and community events.  They are an energetic duo with tons of imagination. 

Sue is also food service co-chair.  Along with Fred Schnell, she whips up pre-show delicacies for our patrons.  And there is always service with a smile.

Lisa has been seen on stage for several years, tapping her toes, singing, and delivering lines wherever she is needed.  Last year, Lisa began writing and directing as well.

Stacey has been around HAR for a long time, helping her mom out with heart-dogs, eventually taking on the co-chair role of that committee.  Every once in a while,  she can be coaxed away for the stove to step on stage.  Stacy is HAR's new Publicity chairperson,  In that capacity, she will work with the newspapers, and radio stations to keep the community informed on HAR activities.

So, with that opening statement, HAR 2014 has plead guilty to continuing its efforts to contribute to the fight against heart disease through two weekends of wordsmithery and tomfoolery.  

Court adjourned.