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Posted 9.12.16
 2016-17 Heartarama Important Dates        
      Please Print and Put on your Calendar!    

Oct. 25, 2016...Tuesday  -Read Scripts  6:30 p.m. at  LaDeDa Bookstore - 1624 New York Ave., Mtwc.  - Producers, Directors, Costume and Set Design Chairs required to attend!
                       *** Directors must  have Costume and Set needs along with yourscripts!!  
January 2017...Sweetheart Callers begin, Sweetheart Ticket and Advertising Letters Go Out

Feb 9, 2017...Thursday...Auditions at Capitol Mertens/Kadow Room -  7:00 PM 

Feb 12, 2017...Sunday...Auditions at Capitol  Mertens/Kadow Room  -  1:00 PM

Feb. 28...Tuesday...Tech Mtg. - 7:00  PM - T. R.  Community House for all Directors, Producers, and Tech Comm.  chairs (Including Light, Sound, Music, Set design/ Building,   Costume, Make-up, Props and  Stage Crew)

March 3... Friday... Sweetheart Names to Sweetheart Calling Chairman - Elaine Schroeder

March 3...Friday... All Program Material to BOTH  Emily Knier and Barb Bundy-Jost   

March 6... Monday... Rehearsal Schedules to Bev and James  - they will check for conflicts and send to Steve at     Meadow Lands North

March 8...Wednesday...Chairman/Cast/Crew Ticket Sale - 6:00 PM -  Meadow Lanes North, lower level  All remaining tickets available at the Manitowoc Piggly Wiggly or                                 Two Rivers Inman Jewelry Store beginning 

April 5...Wednesday...Last Date for all costumes, props to be delivered to directors

April 8... Saturday...All Powerpoints and/or Slides for show to Tech Director (Chris Lochmann)

April 21,22...Friday, Saturday...Move In  -  Community House

April 22...Saturday...Tech  Cue to Cue Rehearsal9:00 A.M.   -  (each Director 15 min.) 

 April 23 ...Sunday ...Dress Rehearsal  -  1:00 PM

 April 24 ...Monday ...Dress Rehearsal  -   7:00 PM

                             April 27 ,28 ,29  and   May 4 ,5, 6 

May 6, 7... Saturday/Sunday...Move Out of Community House -  Strike, Pack, Clean and Move everything out of  Two Rivers.     Help is needed by all !!   
May 24 ...Wednesday... All Chairman/Director Wrap Up Meeting - 6:30 PM - TR Community House



Dress Rehearsal Schedule 2016
From the Cutting Room Floor
posted 3.3.16

Saturday, April 23..cue to cue 12:00
  • Directors and stage crew needed for approx 2 hours
  • 15 minutes per skit...skits will be set and marked in performance order
  • Directors, please send a cast rep if you can’t be there

Sunday, April 24...  (costumes only)
  • 1:00 directors report for brief meeting
  • 1:00 cast report; get into costume
  • 1:30 cast meeting
  • 2:00 complete run-through
  • See additional notes below

Monday, April 25 (make-up and costumes)
  • 6:00 make-up call
  • 7:00 begin show

Thanks to all for all the selfless talent and time you bring to our event.  


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