Friday, April 24, 2015

What Most of Us Never See

Tech week has finally arrived.  We know it's coming, but still, every year we comment on how fast the planning and rehearsal weeks flew.  I can't begin to understand or appreciate all the work that goes into transforming a gym into a festive playhouse.  I know that the set-up involves hours of grunt work, tall ladders that sway all to easily, and miles of heavy cable.  Applaud our set up crews when you see them. Here is what I know for sure that these crews do...

  • Pick up and deliver items from storage including stage stairs and flats
  • Hang the HAR curtain
  • Hang and focus lights
  • Program lights
  • Hang advertiser hearts and banners
  • Arrange backstage to accommodate flats and props
  • Run cables from light/sound area to front of house
  • Set up and dress tables
  • Set up and prep bars
  • Set up food service area
  • Prep dressing rooms for cast
  • Mark stage to indicate set piece placement
  • Prep backstage mic area

Oh, there's so much more but you get the idea. These set up and run crews are the all too often unacknowledged magicians for our show.  Much of this work will be done on Saturday, April 25.  The crew is lean.  Your help would be appreciated.