From HAR Friends

Greetings HAR friends,

I have an opportunity for you all to take on a mid-year challenge that will encompass all the things we love most as HAR supporters: raising money for the good of others, having fun for the good of others and (most importantly) shameless exploitation for the good of others!

On October 11th, I will be participating in the Bank of America Chicago Marathon as a member of the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s MDA Team Momentum. Like the American Heart Association, the MDA is a top notch organization dedicated to finding a cure, successful treatment for and providing support to those fighting muscular disease. I would never have considered running a marathon until I met, Devin (and his family), who has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. After hearing what a blessing the MDA has been to them, it was hard to say no when they asked me to join the team! The MDA provides for adults and youth in many ways including advocacy, care giving, financial assistance, adaptive equipment, FREE summer camp and more.

So here’s the deal HAR...if you donate to my personal page, a cash match up to $500 will be made to HAR 2016. So not only does your donation benefit the MDA, it also comes back to Heart-A-Rama. AND to sweeten the pot, for each person donating $100 or more, I will wear their choice of HAR costume for 30 minutes of my training runs (any more than 30 minutes running in costume and summer heat and you might find me in the cardiac unit of HFM, which seems counter-productive). So $100 to MDA gets you $100 for HAR and the joy of knowing I am running around town as a ketchup bottle advertising for HAR 2016 for 30 minutes. Make sense? Again, the cash match is up to $500, but anything after that I will still be wearing a costume of your choice and I will be sure to run in areas that are visible. I will also post some pics and videos to Facebook and HAR blog so you are aware of your progress and my public humiliation. Questions? Email me at

Any takers??? Please visit my personal page to make a donation today and help me raise (hopefully exceed) my goal of $1750. Check out You can also donate by check made payable to the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Include my name in the memo line and please mail the check to me so that I can enter your gift on my fundraising web page then mail it to the MDA. Email me for the address.  ****IMPORTANT – when donating online, make sure you note that you are donating for HAR so I can keep track of the cash match.

Thank you for your support. I look forward to helping two great organizations at the same time. If you see a large cat throwing up on Mariner’s Trail – it’s me. That’s what I get for running 10 miles draped in fur during summer. Hmmm, I starting to rethink this idea...

Corrie Skubal



You can catch HAR's own Kevin Siehr with on Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern on the Travel Channel next Monday night.  That's Kevin chatting with Zimmern and looking quite handsome in his firefighter uni. Zimmern filmed a segment of his show with some of the TR firefighters, and Kevin promises som tasty surprises.

 Check local listings for exact time.  You don't want to miss this.

From Juliet K

Juliet as Miss Space Debris

From Sara Schuh

There is a Heart Walk for the American heart Association in Sheboygan Falls this Saturday. The walk starts at 8:30 and there is NO fee per person, you can make a donation or purchase raffle tickets for great prizes and they are having a survivor photo also if anyone is interested. just thought I would share!. Have a great day. Sara



Congratulations to Kevin Hansen who recently purchased a cobbler shop in Sheboygan.  Look him up if you need shoes, belts, or leather purses repaired.

1003 Michigan Ave.

Kevin says he is currently seeking elves to assist.

From Laurie M

Guess what, a co-worker of mine was at a village church rummage sale and she came across a 2005 Heartarama toilet seat. She called me at work and asked me if I wanted her to pick it up for me which of course I said yes and became the proud owner for only $10.00 dollars. It had a broken hinge on it and we looked around town and couldn't find the exact replacement hinge so my husband and I drove down to Sheboygan falls to Bemis where they make the toilet seat and they were happy to order us one and have it shipped to our house for free when I explained the background on the toilet seats. They couldn't believe people have bid up to $3000.00 to own one in the name of charity. Of course we did have to sign a waiver form saying they were not responsible if anyone sat on the toilet seat and got hurt because they are not in the business of selling replacement hinges for toilet seats. I assured her this would never happen anyway as I was hanging it on a wall in my basement rec-room.

From Sue C.

 Paula Dramm, Melissa Marks and I all have daughters in the Treehouse Theater production of  "Jungle Book Kids" this Friday, Saturday and Sunday  at Heart-A-Rama’s own home, the Two Rivers Community House. For only $5 a ticket you can come see 30 minutes of cuteness as 50+ future Heart-A-Ramaer’s take the stage to save their friend Mowgli from the jungle. Adorable. For more information on showtimes or about this great brand new group, check out Thanks everyone!! Maybe see some of you there