Thursday, June 27, 2013

Whoowhoo! 2013 Totals!

We have a theme for 2014.......but first......

Tickets.  Shirts.  Beverages.  Heart dogs. Burgers, brats, fish.   Candy.  Quilts.  50/50 Raffle.    Birthdays.  Advertising.  Donations. Sweethearts.  Donation hearts.  Toilet Seats...
.... all added up to a whoppin'


$81,900 will be sent to the American  Heart Association.  $9,100 will stay in Manitowoc County for local distribution.

Thanks a million. 
Thanks two million. 
Thanks almost three million...with your generosity, we're getting close

Now, back to that theme announcement.  HAR 2014...sorry, the phone is ringing.  Gotta go. Who knows,  it could be a legal matter  Check back.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Grab Some Popcorn

There's big excitement for the Lakeshore and for our HAR friends.  The DK Company from Milwaukee is filming a short movie on bullying in the area.  Watch for the premier in September.  Many of our HAR performers auditioned and will be in the film which is scheduled to be entered in the short feature category at Sundance.

HAR participants include:

Gary Moore
Lisa Novachek
Tom Bartleme
Brad Zimmermann
Nancy Siebert
Biff Hansen
Sheila Hansen
Diane Hansen
Peg Thor
Paula Dramm
Charles Allger
Lori Krueger
Fred Schnell

And there's more exciting news....On Sept. 12 and 14, HAR will join with the Department of Continuing Education at UW-Manitowoc to present an evening of sketch comedy called "Here We Sit."   Suzanne  Lawrence, Director of Continuing Education will act as producer, and HAR will provide talent and tech support. 

 Prior to the Saturday show, food and beverages will be available on the terrace overlooking Lake Michigan.  There will also be live music.

 Jamie Potthast, Brad Zimmermann, and Bev Denor will direct.

Performers include:

Brad Zimmermann
Jim Z.
Rick Oswald
Elaine Schroeder
Gary Moore
Charles Allger
Barb Krueger
Lyndsey Otten
Kathy Palmer
Lisa Novachek
Chris Honzik
Lori Krueger
Peg Thor
Jamie Potthast
Ellen Peronto
Corrie Skubal
Jerri Burkart 

Stay tuned for more on both of these fun events.