Tuesday, April 26, 2016

What's Cookin' at Heart-A-Rama

As always, Fred, Sue and their crew of dedicated volunteers will be on hand at Heart-A-Rama ready to fill your tummies before the show.

Here's what they will be serving on all show nights - April 27, 28, 29 and May 4, 5 and 6... 

Hearty burger (brat patty and burger combo)
Ham and cheese sub
Turkey sub
Fatso sub (baloney, salami, cheese)
Turkey on whole wheat with mozzarella
Pulled pork sandwiches

For even  more goodness....you can add coleslaw, "Pat"tato salad and a pickle 
to any sandwich!

And there's more...
We've got an endless supply of popcorn for you.....
Barkers selling heart dogs at intermission

...and if you're real good...
there could be some chocolate!

Please join us and laugh yourself silly for a good cause.

Doors open at 6:30
Toilet seat auction beings at 7:10-ish
Show starts at 7:30

Monday, April 11, 2016

Heart-A-Rama 2016...Get Your Tickets Now!

Oh oh, looks like Karla (Regional Vice-President of the American Heart Association-Wisconsin Affiliate) is in trouble!  Appendicitis? Belly ache?  Why the elfish grin, Tom (Tom Bartelme, HAR general co-chair)?  And of course, that is a Shirley Temple in Diane's glass (Diane Hansen, HAR general co-chair), right?  You decide.  

But peeps, I'm warning you, tickets for HAR 2016, From the Cutting Room Floor are going fast.  If you haven't gotten yours yet, this little preview might get you rushing out the door......

      In what world will you find  Ms. Sputnik, a tiara adorned stress therapist, displaced seagulls and disgruntled citizens joining forces to inspire, inform and entertain?  On the Lakeshore, that combination of colorfully obtuse characters can only mean one thing, Heart-A-Rama, the wacky annual fund-raising event pulsating with volunteer energy is surely imminent.

         From the Cutting Room Floor, hits the stage at the C.E. Hamilton Community House in Two Rivers on April 28, 29, 30 and May 5, 6, and 7. Heart-a-Rama (HAR) 2016 marks the 46th consecutive year of fund-raising  fun for the American Heart Association-Wisconsin Affiliate.  Beginning  as a two-night event born from the imaginations of a northside Manitowoc neighborhood group dedicated to community service and volunteerism,  the group’s current organizational  teams are keeping the beat steady and strong.   HAR 2015 raised over $91,000, 10% of which remained in Manitowoc County with the rest donated to the AHA-Wisconsin Affiliate.

            Hours of frenzied activity fill the weeks leading up to the show.  Casts learn song and dance routines, carpenters and artists wield their respective tools to create sets, props and the iconic “Best Seat in the House” toilet seat to be auctioned each night before the show opens.  Well over 200 volunteers step up each year to wait tables, hawk candy, shirts and paper, set and program lights and sound, gather and sew costumes and ready the myriad of components needed to create the high octane infused atmosphere greeting patrons on each of six show nights.  “We’re busy now,” commented co-producer/director, Brad Zimmermann, “but what people don’t realize is that within a month of closing HAR 2016, we will be back at work planning and writing next year’s show.”

            The show’s early formula of olio acts and old-fashioned melodramas complete with damsels in distress and mustachioed twirling villains has evolved into a classic variety show format.  “Recently, we have committed to including  an educational skit and a celebratory skit in each show.  We also like to experiment a bit each year, and surprise audiences with something a bit outside our norm.” explained co-producer/director, Bev Denor.  

     The wildly popular Heart-A-Rama News featuring ace reporter, Tom Brokeheart returns this year, along with another show staple, a game show parody.  Of course, local facts, fads and foibles will have their moments on stage as well. Lisa Novachek, director of “What’s Your Beef” a radio talk show parody, grew up listening to local radio, and has been kicking around the idea of a skit based on some of the listener call-in program for many years.  HAR audiences will have a chance to see and hear from some of my favorite "characters" that have become local legends to those who tune in each day," Lisa said.

Sponsors and guest contributors galore – Holy Family Memorial, Aurora, Inman’s Jewelers and the Monday Night Quilt Mafia – just to name a few – offer their support and special talents to the on-going success of this  Lakeshore charity/entertainment event.

As always, tickets are going fast but some are still available at the Manitowoc Piggly Wiggly and at Inman’s Jewelers in Two Rivers.   Doors open at 6:30.  Food is available for purchase before the show courtesy of Fred Schnell and his culinary crew. 

Keep up to date on the latest HAR announcement on this site and on the HAr Facebook page.