Thursday, January 8, 2015

Time to Get Your Crazy On for HAR 2015 - REMIX

2015 marks Heart-A-Rama’s 45th year of fund-raising fun.  To celebrate, producers and directors have chosen to revitalized scripts from the past, and sprinkle in a few new sketches. 

Anyone 21 or older is welcome to audition for “Heart-A-Rama Remix” at 7:00 on Thursday Feb. 5 or at 1:00 on Sunday, Feb. 8.

Auditionees for the approximately 25 available roles will read from a prepared script and sing a song of choice a cappella.  Everyone is asked to bring an accurate list of schedule conflicts for February, March and April to share with directors Bev Denor, Lisa Novachek, Jim Pautz, Ellen Peronto and Brad Zimmermann.  Individuals cast must be available to attend all scheduled rehearsals, and the dress rehearsals on Sunday afternoon, April 26, and Monday night April 27, as well as all performance dates, April 30, May 1, 2, 7, 8 and 9.Performances will be at the J.E. Hamilton Community House in Two Rivers.
The Heart-A-Rama creative writers promise a variety of laugh filled sketches featuring German singers, roundabouts, mistaken identity and plenty of musical numbers.
Biff Hansen will emcee the event.  Lisa Hagenow and Lindsey Mack will share choreography duties.  The Best Seat in the House, an artistically rendered toilet seat designed by Kevin Hansen will be auctioned off to the highest bidder.  General co-chairs, Tom Bartelme, Diane Hansen and Karen Schweitzer-Olson along with numerous committee chairpersons will bring together over 200 volunteers including performers, wait staff, artists, technicians, advertising and financial managers to staff Heart-A-Rama.

The 2014 six night program raised $88,500. Heart-A-Rama presented The American Heart Association Wisconsin Affiliate with a check for $79,650. The rest of funds raised stayed in Manitowoc County and were used to purchase AED’s, automatic external defibrillators, for Lutheran High School, Calvary Cemetery, School Hill Athletic Club and Wilson and Washington Junior High Schools for use in their natatorium areas. Non-profit organizations desiring an AED can send requests to Heart-A-Rama’s local funds coordinator, Sally Rasmuson at
 Heart-a-Rama’s 44 year donation total is 2469,402 with 97,615 patrons attending the show and generously supporting the cause. In 2014, Heart-A-Rama was voted the Best Special Event in Manitowoc County in a Herald times Reporter poll. Additional information about Heart-A-Rama can be found at, or on Facebook.  To inquire about auditions email