Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Here We Sit Rehearsal Photos

Elaine Schroeder, as a theatre director, has a meltdown as she works with an unruly cast.  she is assisted by her minion, played by Jeri Burkart.

Lottie (Barb Krueger) and Bernice (Corrie Skubal) go head to head in a battle of ailment one ups-manship.

Lisa Novachek as a disgruntled audience member.

Chris Honzik and Gary Moore

You'll have to come to the show to find out what is frightening Chris and shy Gary is protecting her.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Here We Sit..rehearsal photos

Charles Allger, Rick Oswald, Peg Thor, Elaine Schroeder, Jeri Burkart, Gary Moore

You'll have to come to our show on September 12 or 14 at UW-Manitowoc to find out why the relatively normal people are mooing in symphonic precision.

Here We Sit
Thursday, September 12, and Saturday September 14 
UW-Manitowoc, Lakeside Hall

Tickets available (soon) at 
LaDeDa Books and Beans...1624 New York Avenue
  and online at www.Manitowoc.uwc.edu   
(Click on Continuing Education tab)

Saturday only events
Food  and beverages (Pizza, BBQ, veggie burgers, and more!)  available for purchase on campus terrace
Music by Givin' Up the Ghost  

Here We Sit is a two-act comedy that turns the theatre going experience inside out.  through a series of short vignettes, the play pokes gently at the fun and foibles of theatre goers.  The common frustration of selecting the perfect seat open the show.  We have all experienced the frustration of  having a wide man, a tall man, or a perfume doused pretty lady sit nearby.

You'll witness a gut wrenching performance by a seasoned actress who bares her soul until she can no longer bear the candy wrappers crinkling, and patron whispering.  Her emotion builds until she storms up the isle and takes the audience to task for their disturbing actions.

Kathy Palmer and Lori Krueger
The scenes are anchored by Bernice and Lottie, two feisty ladies who pop up periodically to express their contempt for the theatre.  They spout a litany of physical ailments as they snack and fidget throughout the performance.

Here We Sit is being cooperatively produced by Heart-A-Rama and the Department of Continuing Education (CE) of UW-Manitowoc. The proceeds will be shared by the two presenting groups.  Suzanne Lawrence, CE Director is the producer.  Bev Denor, Jamie Potthast and Brad Zimmermann are directing.

The directors have assembled a cast of favorite performers from Heart-A-Rama and from previous CE shows such as "The Taffetas" and "The Honky Tonk Angels".  Actors include Charles Allger, Jeri Burkart, Christine Honzik, Barb Krueger, Lori Krueger, Gary Moore, Lisa Novachek, Rick Oswald, Kathy Palmer, Ellen Peronto,  Tina Prigge, Elaine Schroeder,  Peg Thor, and Jim Zdiarski.

Barb Krueger, Tina Prigge, Ellen Peronto

Chris Lochmann is tech coordinator.  Tom Bartelme and Terry York are set builders and will handle lighting and sound.